"Evoking excellence in others!" 


The Coaching Community is partnering with a Global Talent company to offer talent & organisational assessment solutions. For a limited period only, we are offering the Leadership Environment Assessment (LEA), based on Gallup research on employee engagement and Marcus Buckingham's "first Break all the rules"(1999). To see what a typical report will look like, click here.

If you are interested to know whether you are leading for success or just a follower with a title, click here to request an assessment and a consultation.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next inake for the certificate courses in coaching is 30 june 2010. Apply now by requesting information here 

Welcome to the Coaching Community

Our work is to help people to succeed in their endeavours by evoking their excellence - and for organisations to succeed through people.

We help organisations learn to change by helping leaders learn to learn and therefore learn to change.

Coaching and Mentoring underpin all our interventions- be it change management, Leadership development or community development programmes. 

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  Coaching is not about teaching

the caterpillar how to fly,

It’s about creating an opening

For it to see the possibility.”

                 Paul Lefebvre, Leadership Coach


New Service! Study support Coaching & Mentoring

Due to demand from our clients we now provide coaching for people who are engaged in studies, both post-graduate and undergraduate. after doing it ad-hoc for the last two years we have decided to formalise the service.

It includes:

  • Support with study methods
  • Support with writing master's and doctoral thesis
  • Preparation for the exams 

We use a very effective study approach based on experiential learning principles. Click here to send us an e-mail or complete the enquiry form here and we will contact you.













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